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How Will Virtual Reality Technology Change Us

Virtual Reality Technology shows 3 dimensional image with the help of computer. It gives just like an image as real has different devices. These devices will create multiple settings. The settings will take human brain to believe that the images are real. The devices include gloves, helmets or other machines. They will create an image like a real. These devices help in tracking the user to feel like a part of computer. Virtual Reality helps in travelling to places without actually moving.

The scholars had started Virtual Reality in 1985 in Silicon Valley. They tried to explore the field of Virtual Reality. It comes to know in the market in the year 1999 with the science fiction movie ‘the matrix’. The idea of Virtual Reality took the interest of common people. They loved it and found it entertaining. Virtual Reality had used in science fiction movie but now it becomes a life like a form. Sony and Samsung are making Virtual Reality headsets.

How the technology will change us



The power of Virtual Reality lies in the fact. The user is only playing a game. The hidden one adjusts to the new atmosphere as if they are real. The fight or flight response generated is real. The use of Virtual Reality in gaming has changed the way children play games. Gaming has become more intense, immersive and even impressive.


By the use of Virtual Reality Technology  will change the way education systems work. The use of audio and visual devices had already made learning fun. With Virtual Reality Technology , a child would be able to explore the new dimensions. The child would be able to train himself to do the experiment. He would be able to go on a Virtual Reality field trip to moon and other space objects.

The medical science is also benefiting from Virtual Reality Technology . A doctor took the scans of baby’s heart. He uploaded them on his laptop and took a virtual tour of the heart. With the help of Virtual Reality he could easily perform surgery before time. He could save the baby by understanding the root of the problem.

3. Communication

Virtual Reality has changed the way in communication system. It is also changing the way firms relate with clients and target them. The firms create computer made reality and make their clients have a feel good about them. It is commonly using in hotels to show 3d tour.

4. Cinematic experience

3d movies are increasing in the film world. It has boost up the level of movies. The film watchers often want to play the role of some character. The users would be able to do just that with Virtual Reality Technology . They would be able to see the movie in action. They would feel it, enter it and see it from different angles.

5. The worldview

Everybody wants to travel to new places for a refreshing change. The users will be able to tour the places without leaving their homes with Virtual Reality. The y can simply relax in their places without moving from their sofa. This will further improve the quality of life by exploring the world. It will give them a new experience. The chances are endless with Virtual Reality Technology . It can truly unleash the future in a livelier manner

Why there should be age restriction on Virtual Reality equipment?

The long terms use of Virtual Reality can effect on eye sight and cause slow brain development. It can lead to slow development of the brain in kids. The user moves from one computer to another by using a Virtual Reality gadget. All this is too much to intake for a kid.

The kids need proper control when using Virtual Reality devices. Some Virtual Reality gadgets come with age restrictions. It needs parent’s guidance to use them. This ensures the safety of the child. This also makes sure that a child does not play games which can hurt him. Even the adults can get scare during a game and get disturb. It becomes vital to take control for using Virtual Reality.

The reasons for limit on Virtual Reality Technology


There are many hurdles and challenges for the new technology. The Virtual Reality faces several challenges like privacy, safety, health and technical issues.

  • Virtual Reality Technology addiction

Excess of everything is bad, whether the thing is good or bad. Actually the use of Virtual Reality is alarming. The hiding of boundaries between real and imagine is increasing. Virtual Reality might lead to people losing out on their own selves. Their real life might suffer adversely owing to this. It is important to maintain self-control while playing the game.

  • Desensitization of the person

The scientists believe that the excessive use of Virtual Reality might make the user a dull. The content in films has a larger effect on Virtual Reality. The user would get uneven behaviors and lose sympathy in this form. It is more dangerous for the children. They already go through brain development which shortens them by the use of excessive Virtual Reality tools.

  • Eyesight problems along with isolation

Virtual Reality can cause eye pain and block eye sight.  It is because of the distance between the screen and user. The excessive use of Virtual Reality can also lead to show these signs. It can lead the user in virtual atmosphere and cause nausea.

Is Virtual Reality the future?

Virtual Reality works in sync with preexisting technology. It allows the developers to create cheaper headsets. Ina series of events the world of Virtual Reality came into existence. Virtual Reality headsets can be range from cheap ones to expensive one. This is because the world needs to adopt the new change and bring out a revolution in technology.

The Virtual Reality can change the entertainment industry along with new views. A Virtual Reality helicopter ride is available at different theme parks. It makes the user to believe that they are riding a helicopter. They experience the joy, thrill and adventure. The user can experience chills down their spine with the use of Virtual Reality Technology . Virtual Reality will improve the scope of many industries. It will use in military, medical, trading etc. In fact it will be the future in coming days.

Some points that demonstrate that Virtual Reality is truly the future-

  • Virtual Reality is not a passing trend. It is here to stay.

Virtual Reality is not only showing the reality but also increasing the experience. The user gets to feel the experience of new thing without going anywhere. It is using in games, hotels, real estates and in many other firms for doing business has decreased the way to reach the clients. That can be safe to say that Virtual Reality is not going anywhere. It is the future of today’s generation.

  • Virtual Reality is the future of technology, though the form might change.

Virtual Reality is the future. There are slight changes might occur over the passing years. Virtual Reality will get enhancement with new inventions. The quality of ads are becoming more advance by using Virtual Reality. It helps in media clients to drown out the world. It lower their senses completely and remove all the distractions and simply experience.

  • The true potential of Virtual Reality technology hasn’t been unleashed yet.

Virtual Reality is still in the developing phase owing to lack of funds. The people need to invest more in it. They know its full potential. Virtual Reality can change the outlook of the world. It needs more investment to get develop.

The scientists are trying to use Virtual Reality to get relief from pain. The next goal of Virtual Reality is to move towards matrix type atmosphere. The user will live in computer atmosphere. The user will get experience of alternate realities. Virtual Reality Technology  is a wonderful innovative tool. It helps the clients to relate with others in one go. Different firms are trying to get their Virtual Reality Technology  devices soon

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