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Kids First Aid: First Aid Training For Parents

Kids First Aid: First Aid Training For Parents

 Kids first aid, All the children do mischief everywhere. They run down the road and trips. They get fall and back to on feet quickly.

Helping your child after getting Kids First Aid

The parents get relax when there is no harm to their children. What do the parents do when there is any serious injury to their child?

There is a simple answer to give first aid to your child. Kids First aid training is compulsory to every parent now days. The parents get panic when they see the injury of their child. Before going into panic position do the right thing which is first aid. Try to give first aid to common injuries of the child and be calm in front of child.

It is necessary to have basic knowledge of kids first aid. It really helps in any condition. The parents should get kids first aid training. It will help your child and others as well. As a parent there are number of common injuries which comes in sight. With the kids first aid tips you can help your child very easily.

Common injuries

There are some common injuries like breaking arm, finger or leg. It gives severe pain. It happens by slipping and falling. It could cold, wet and slippery outside cause’s injuries. Some injuries come into across in winter and summer. Here we will discuss the common injuries with some others. Also discuss kids first aid and skills to recover those injuries.


Broken bone

The broken bone is very much painful. The child in pain becomes faint and do vomit. In this scenario take the child to the nearest medical center to get back to normal condition.


It looks worse when it starts. The first aid of this injury is to be patient. Lay down your child and uplift his chin with head forward slightly. Then pinch his nose tightly just below the nasal bone with a towel or tissue.

Chipped tooth

The first aid of this injury is to keep the tooth at its place with a paper towel or a clean washcloth. Then call the dentist to check and fit it.


The burning of skin is a serious injury if it is a third degree. It needs medical treatment. The first aid for a normal burn is to put the area under a cool trap. Try to be in 15 minutes to get relax from pain. Then apply a lotion to get recover.

Bleeding wound

It could be serious if the bleeding does not stop after few minutes. The first aid for normal bleeding is to flush the wound with cool water. Apply ointment and put a bandage. If the blood does not stop after applying bandage then apply direct pressure on it and take necessary actions.


Drowning is very dangerous act in summers. There are many families who visits beach to enjoy summer and playing with water. The parents are also there to supervise their children. It can be any mishap with their children. So in this scenario the parents know how to do CPR. CPR is necessary to get back from drowning position.



It is a very real problem in summers. It burns the skin and makes blister on it. The first aid is to take a 20 minute cool shower. It will reduce the effect of sunburn and feel comfort. If the skin fills up with fluids then take medical treatment quickly.

Bicycle, scooter and skate board injuries:

The children use necessary wearsto ride bicycle, scooter and skateboards. It includes helmet, gloves, knee pad sect. to get any serious injury. It might get any injury in which the parents should know first aid. In this scenario quickly apply cold ice to swollen areas. It will reduce the pain and get relax. If there is any breakage in any joint then take medical help.

Snake Bite:

It is common in summers. Snakescome out and active in these days. If any child gets a snake bit then call forhelp quickly. Try to keep the child calm and relax. Apply a bandage to the bitearea and uplift the area from the heart.

Cut lip or tongue

Thebleeding will start after any cut on lip or tongue. Try to keep the child calmand relax for any first aid. These are sensitive points of the face and thepressure of blood is in excess in these parts.

Try to apply a clean cloth onthe cut area to reduce the bleeding. If these become swell then apply cold iceto the area to reduce swelling. Try to clean the mouth quickly to get any infection from bacteria.

How to prevent sport’s injuries

Sportsare necessary for all the children. The parents could not try to stop them. The children get injuries in sports which is common. To get involve with these injuries the parents should know to reduce the risks and first aid. Here are a few things the parents can do:

  • Try to have all the safety gears according to sports for the child. These will prevent the child from any injury.
  • Try to give any juice or water in bottles to get hydrated.
  • Make sure that the child is playing in suitable condition of weather. It should not be too much hot or cold.
  • Make sure that the child will get necessary exercise. These will help the child in playing sport and stretching body muscles.

How should you help the healing process?

Here are some methods which help to heal wounds without scarring.

  • Keep the wound clean and dry.
  • Keep the child away from any spicy food. It will increase the wound.
  • Try to check the wound regularly if it is not healing properly.

Use a sun screen on the area after it heals to prevent scarring

When should you see a doctor?

If the bleeding is not stopping after applying stress on it then takes the child to the health center. The wounds on face like lip or cheeks also require medical help to heal it properly. It is necessary to call the doctor if:

  • The cut looks deep, as it may require stitches
  • The wound is with dirt and need extra cleaning.
  • The tongue gets injured.

Try to keep an eye on the injury. The wounds get infection after four days of the injury. It leads to fever, swelling, pus, redness etc. which make wound worse to heal.

Seeing Your Child In An Emergency Can Be Horrifying – Feeling Helpless is Worse

The parents can give first aid to their child after getting training. It will be worse to be helpless in that condition. After getting necessary kids first aid training they can handle the following conditions.

  • burnt or scalded
  • eats something and starts choking
  • underwater and drowning
  • super-high fever

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