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First Aid Instructions For Air Pollution We Should know at Homes

First aid instructions for air pollution, We all hate the word pollution. It includes air, noise, water and even waste material. The air is very important for the healthy atmosphere.Do you know the air quality of your home? We spend most of our time at homes. We should know the quality of air at our homes for breathing.

Indoor air pollution, what it is and why it is worse

First aid instructions for air pollution: Bad quality of air creates issues such as asthma or pneumonia. It also becomes problems for lungs. The air quality is important for developing children. Their immune system needs neat and clean atmosphere to develop.  The poor air quality will increase the risk of heart diseases. We need to make our indoor air quality at the best to stay healthy.

Drying clothes on radiators

The researchers have given a report on drying clothes. They say that drying clothes inside the home on heater is causing health issues. A study revealed that 30% of moisture comes from drying of clothes inside the home. It comes to become a problem when the dump air allows boosting up in the atmosphere. It creates a condition to fungus so we should know about first aid instructions for air pollution.

This condition will become Aspergillosis. It affects the lungs. It basically effects on those who have weak immune system. This disease can be a cause of danger if we ignore first aid instructions for air pollution. It also comes to know that 42% of people get asthma with this fungus. It also boosts the asthma in patients.

It is good to dry clothes outside the home or in open air. A tumble dryer is also a second option to dry clothes. If it is not possible to dry clothes outside then open a window to get the atmosphere airy. It will create less moisture in the home. There is also another option of heated drying rails. It covers the clothes into an airing cupboard. It also avoids increasing in moisture.

Good to know:

The germs are going to be increase in autumn and winter. They will increase themselves if the house is damp.

Scented candles and incense

We use scented candles and incense on our gatherings. These candles give bits as VOC’s and other chemicals to infect the air of home. The incense sticks give higher amount of bits as compare to scented candles. The study says that there is a citric scent in candles. When it burns it reacts with the air and creates formaldehyde. It is very much harmful for the human life.

The research reports warn to use fragrance chemicals in home. It increases the ratio of formaldehyde. It is harmful to health over the long term. It is suggesting opening the doors or windows after burning a scented candle or using air freshener.

Good to know:

It is good to have plants like geraniums, lavender and types of fern at home. They can remove formaldehyde from the atmosphere.

Burning wood and coal

The burning of coal or wood release bits of matter. It may be burning in open air or in stove. They will create serious breathing problems and make the lungs dusty. The increase in bits of matter is similar to the smoke of vehicles. The study says that the smoke from neighbor’s can also affect the home.

The burning of coal or wood in open air emits more bits than stoves. It reacts with air and release carbon monoxide. It leads to poison the atmosphere. So we have to clean the ducts and chimneys regularly. We should also know the sings of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Good to know:

It is best to have airy atmosphere in home. It can decrease the risk of asthma as it boost by smoke of fire.

Dust mites

There is a report that 64% people get asthma from dust mites. They increase themselves in winter. They live under the fluffy things and places. They may be under pillows, mattress etc.  They get their food on dead skin and live in the dust. It is necessary to keep home airy to reduce moisture. The moisture helps the dust mites to increase. Regularly cleaning home, air filters and washing clothes can reduce dust mites.  There is no such medicine for asthma in this case. It suggests taking necessary actions to prevent from asthma so we follow first aid instructions for air pollution.

Good to know:

Try to use dust mite proof covers. It helps to get less asthma.

Top ten tips to improving air quality in the home

  1. Try to keep the home clean and dry and open the windows for 5 to 10 minutes daily.
  2. Use a fan or open a window to remove the moisture from the air after taking bath.
  3. Keep the door shut to limit the spread of damp air.
  4. Try to clean the moisture kitchens or bathrooms. The soapy surface or grease will help the germs to increase.
  5. Try to keep an eye on germs residing in cool places, washing machine door seals and dustbins.
  6. Try to keep lids on pans and use fan when cooking.
  7. Try to keep the shelves dry to remove condensation. It can lead to germs and fungi to grow.
  8. Try to rectify any water leaks in bathroom, kitchens and the hot water tank. It also helps the germs to grow.
  9. Try to check ducts and chimneys are working well and clean up regularly.
  10. Try to keep the room temperature at 18 degrees. The increase in moisture will increase the germs.

First aid instructions for air pollution,there is a device in market for indoor air quality sensor. It will tell you the air temperature, humidity, the levels of VOCs etc. VOCs are compounds that easily become vapors or gases.  These are releasing from burning fuel such as gasoline, wood, coal or natural gas. It also comes from cigarettes, scented candles and solvents as well.

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