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First Aid for the miss happening on Christmas

There are about twelve accidents that can happen on Christmas. These are following.

On the first day of Christmas: everyone is going to be injured.

On the second day of Christmas: The youngsters will end up in A&E during the season.

On the third day of Christmas: There are number of people get injury while shopping.

On the fourth day of Christmas: There are about 50% people burn their homes in this event.

On the fifth day of Christmas: There are number of people fall down from stools or chairs while beautifying.

On the sixth day of Christmas: There is about one thousand people get injury from Christmas tree. They try to beautify it on the top.

On the seventh day of Christmas: There are many people who get injury from bad cabling of Christmas glows.

On the eight day of Christmas: Some people die due to watering the Christmas trees with lights on.

On the ninth day of Christmas: There are number of people who burnt themselves while roasting chestnuts in open fire.

On the tenth day of Christmas: There are about 49% people got suffer from cooking food.

On the eleventh day of Christmas: Some people get injury from vegetable cut.

On the twelfth day of Christmas: There are number of people get hospital treatment in this event. They get injuries like falls, cuts and burns. Some get admission in hospitals.

It is not a neglecting point about Christmas that it is a magical time of year. There can be miss happenings with both humans and pets in this event. The children and pets do different poses with each other. They all beautify their homes with lights, fires, new toys etc. They all cook new foods and dishes. It is a festive to enjoy with each other.

There is some essential guide of common accidents. It can help to avoid any mishap on Christmas. Try to follow these tips to save you and your family from these twelve mishaps.


Alcohol has main effect on anyone. It increases the risk to happen anything. There are number of mishaps mostly happen in the kitchen and home. It is due to over taking of alcohol.

If anyone drunk too much alcohol and fell down then check its breath first. Then roll down into the recovery position to keep its breathing in normal condition. Someone try to stay with him. It will be important if he vomits.

Try to finish the alcohol from all the glasses at the end of the party. The children would try to taste the rest alcohol from glasses. Try not to drive after drink.

Fairy lights and decorations

There are number of people get injure from Christmas tree lights. In which some falls down, the children swallow the bulbs and get electric shocks and burns.

Try to check the lights and cabling before setting it. Try to buy those lights that meet higher safety standards. Try to use one socket for every cable. It can be harmful with overload of sockets.

It creates fire and lit everything. Try to have cable guard to have safety from pets.  Try to switch off all the lights at night. Keep glass decorations out of reach of pets and children. They can be hurt if they try to bite it.

Festive flames and fires

There is a huge increase in house fire on Christmas. There are about 50% people more likely to die in a house fire. It can never be happen at any time of the year.

Try to keep the Christmas cards, papers and tree from heat sources. They can easily catch fire and become house fire. Try to check smoke alarms if they are working or not. Also try to check the carbon monoxide alarm too. Try to have light jars for lights to prevent burning. Also try to blow out all the candles and lights before going to bed. If you have an open fire then try to get set chimney clean First Aid for the miss happening on Christmas.


There is something which can be hazardous for kitchen. These are particularly hot food, boiling water and sharp knives etc.  Try to keep the children and pets away from the kitchen. It is also necessary to keep away from alcohol while cooking. Alcohol is main cause of any mishap. It may be in the form of slipping or burning.


The stairs are also become a place for any mishap during Christmas. Try to make stairs clear and free from any hurdle. Try to leave a light on stairs. It helps everyone to pass it.

Poisoning Button batteries

There are some toys which have button batteries. These batteries have corrosive acid. It can burn the inside of intestines. It causes internal bleeding. It is due to swallowing of battery. Try to ensure all batteries are safe. The toys, remote controls, cards etc. are safe for using. If it happens then take the children to A&E quickly for x-ray.

Food poisoning

It is common to have food poisoning on Christmas. There are number of people who suffer from food poisoning every year. So there is special guideline to cook turkey safely. Try to cook turkey according to given instructions. Don’t try to take short cuts to cook it quickly. It can cause poison for the body and can lead to death so we must follow First Aid for the miss happening on Christmas.


There are some berries like holly, mistletoe, cherry etc. are poisonous to children. It can be life taking if any child ingests it. Some are toxic to cats and dogs. Try to buy nontoxic plants for garden. If buy anyone toxic one then try to keep out of the reach of children.

Silica gel

It is in a small packets and use to keep moisture out. It can be in clothes, bags or toys. Try to keep the children away from it as it is toxic to humans and pets.


Try to have necessary tools for opening presents. There are many injuries can occur in opening presents quickly. Try to buy toys according to strict safety guidelines. Try to buy the toy as per the age of little one. So that there will be no small part which could be harmful for it.


Try to keep the children and pets away from glass decorations. These types of decorations have nothing to have like toys. These can be dangerous for them.

Peaceful pets

The pets can get stress on this event. The change in routine can disturb them. There is hustle and bustle in whole house. It becomes worry for them. There is noise and excitement everywhere. Try to keep the pet away from these mishaps. Leave toys for them so that they can enjoy it.  The children also try to play with them. Try to be sensitive as to when the pet needs a break after playing First Aid for the miss happening on Christmas.


The dogs enjoy long walks. It can become boring for him sometimes. It happens with the humans too.

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