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Diabetes: First Aid for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes:First Aid for Diabetic Patient : family and friends should know

Diabetes: First Aid for Diabetic Patient

Diabetes is a curse now days. It is growing day by day in our society. What is diabetes and how to recognize there might be a problem. There is difference between high and low blood sugar.The high blood sugar is Hyperglycemia and low blood sugar is Hypoglycemia. It is a state in which someone does not create insulin in its body so we should follow first aid for diabetic patient. It may the insulin not working properly to set the blood glucose level.

The body creates insulin in pancreas. It helps the body to break the sugars. When the insulin does not work then the person gets diabetes. It is important to maintain the blood sugars within normal level. The ups and downs of blood sugar level can create problems for the patient. It feels extremely tired; lose weight and frequent coming of urine. It can cause serious damage to organs of the body. First aid for diabetic patient, family and friends can help people with diabetes to lead a normal life.

Diabetic emergencies – First Aid

Type I: Hypoglycemia – low blood sugar

Blood sugar level can drop very fast due to skip of meal by any diabetic patient. It can also be due to doing lot of exercise. It may have taken too much insulin which drops the level. In this case the patient should treat quickly. It can be fatal for the patient and it leads to diabetic coma.

Signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia – recognizing this might be the problem

  • Behave strangely
  • May become violent
  • Turn into yellow, become cold and sweaty
  • Shallow, rapid breathing and a fast pulse
  • Attacks

First Aid treatment for low blood sugar

  • Take the patient and sit them. Serve them with sweets or any juice.
  • the patient feels better then give more drink or food to set the blood sugar level.
  • Patient does not feel better within ten minutes then make a call for help.
  • If the patient is losing him but breathing then make a call for help.
  • they stop breathing then prepare to give CPR

Do not try to give anything to eat or drink without any checkup. Never try to give insulin. It will further lower the blood sugar and kill the patient. If there is no hypoglycemia and you give a juicy drink. It will create a serious problem for the patient. It may increase or decrease the level of sugar which does not match. The patient will not feel better in this scenario. So call the doctor to check the patient and get advice. The medical advice is compulsory for the patient after recovery. It may become serious in night for the patient as insulin is in the body. It may create problem in sleeping mode.

High Blood Sugar

Type II: Hyperglycemia

The loss of weight, excess of urine, feeling thirsty and tiredness are the signs of hyperglycemia. The patient with these signs should visit the doctor quickly for its proper treatment.

Phone for an ambulance: If the patient falls down or feeling sleepy then make a call for help.

Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic State (HHS)

The higher level of blood sugar level causes hyperosmolar hypoglycemic state. It is a very serious stage of the patient. The blood sugar level may cross the limit of 40 mmol/l. it develops a great illness and increase of thirst in the body need to know for first aid for diabetic patient. The blood sugar level often rises with the use of its medicine. If the patient stops to take diabetes medicines then it creates nausea. This will affect the body because of other hormones.

Symptoms can frequently include:

  • Excess of urine
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Not swallow
  • Dry skin
  • Feeling sleepy and unawareness

HHS is a potentially life-threatening emergency

The proper medicines for HHS will set the water level and bring blood sugar level to normal. The fluid and insulin will inject in the vein to set them. Ketones will create when the blood sugar level is high. It is due to lack of insulin so we should about first aid for diabetic patient. It allows the blood sugar to enter the cells for energy. The patients with HHS may produce insulin in limiting amount. They could not create ketones.

First Aid treatment for high blood sugar

  • Always push the patient to take medicines regularly in any case.
  • Check the blood sugar level regularly.
  • If the patient gets the level higher then contact the doctor quickly.
  • The patients should drink sugar free drinks.
  • The patients should eat meals which contains carbohydrate.
  • Try to contact the doctor if he feels unwell.

Further information to help you understand diabetes


It increases the risk of patient’s health. The diabetic patients get small infections easily. They should get check and dress regularly.


Teach and explain the patient about his condition. The feelings when the blood sugar goes low or high.


The helper should know how to read the result and what to do next. Save the doctor’s number for any help with the permission of the patient.

First Aid helping points, if going away together:

If you are planning to go somewhere then you must have first aid kit along with diabetes kit. The first aid kit should contain all the materials which are compulsory for it. The diabetic kit contains a device to check the blood sugar level. The kit should also contain glucose tablets to boost the blood sugar level. It is also necessary to have insulin in this kit. It should be in cool bag. Try to have extra medicines of diabetes. The prescriptions from the doctor should be in your bag. It can help to replace the medicines accordingly. Always check the expiry dates of the medicines. It may be harmful for the patient. Put the medicines in their original container. Always have the medicines in your hand luggage. Insulin should be in insulated bag in travelling.

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